About Us

Scott Flanagan

Dr. Scott Flanagan is a retired university professor who has authored the three books for the first year (level 1) of this training based both on the teachings of the major leaders in the Kingdom stream and a number of new revelations that the Lord has given him. Scott is the primary author and teacher of the Pathway to Sonship Program. Scott and his wife reside in North Carolina.

John Graham

John Graham is a retired pastor and counselor who has been given a unique gift to take people into the heavenlies to develop face to face relationships with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. John facilitates the ascension classes for the Pathway to Sonship Program. On ascensions, he will introduce you to biblical figures including various men and women in white, Michael the archangel and many others. John and his wife reside in California.

Lisa Mooradian

Lisa Mooradian is a teacher, seer, author, and artist and has worked in several ministries during the last two decades. She has a passion to help people deepen their intimacy with God and enjoys sharing important lessons during her teachings that she has gleaned behind the veil. Lisa teaches the activation portion of the program and is the administrator for Kingdom Academy MF. Lisa and her husband live in Massachusetts.

Interview with Scott Flanagan and John Graham

EP 18: The Pathway to Sonship is Jesus | Exploring the Divine Mysteries of God – YouTube