The Kingdom Academy of Moravian Falls


This is the hub for information about our training program and the opportunities and materials to participate in it. The Pathway to Sonship Training is a graduated, systematic, multilevel training that teaches us how to engage God in our realm and in His at deeper and deeper levels of intimacy. This journey into the heart of God combines both cognitive and experiential approaches. We have developed our Level 1 training which is four separate classes that ouline each of our four original books starting with the Pathway to Sonship, From Salvation to Transfiguration. The Semester 1, 2, and 3 classes contain weekly book teachings, custom ascension and activation exercises with companion study guides to help students better grasp the material.

“This training program will help you to transition from
a Church Age mentality to a Kingdom Age reality.” _____________________________________________________________


We are offering one class this summer starting on May 13th. It is a LEVEL 2 ASCENSION CLASS* with John Graham. Classes are on MONDAY’S AT 7:00 PM (EST – USA) for 12 weeks. Click here to view the the tentative ascension schedule.

*Prequisite: You must have taken our Semester 1 Pathway to Sonship class and learned how to ascend with John Graham.

Ascension Class Fees:
$55 per person/married couple
$40 for alumni (To qualify for the alumni price, you must have taken this same set of Level 2 ascensions before in 2021 or 2022).

Click here to register for the class by May 12th.


For details on our classes including fees and class descriptions, please view the Kingdom Academy Training page.