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Our Semester 2 Engaging God Class is a 10-week self-paced program with an enphasis on increasing your intimacy with the Trinity. This program is unique because it contains three major components, book teachings, activations and ascensions. Dr. Scott Flanagan will cover all 15 chapters of the Volume 2: Engaging God in Our Realm and in His book to help you process the book content. Lisa Mooradian will provide activation exercises to increase your relationship and intimacy with God. Also included are entry level ascensions with John Graham which will provide a bridge to help people engage in meaningful ascensions in Father’s Kingdom in a safe and practical manner. The class can be taken by yourself or in a small group and/or church setting. Enrolled students will have access to our Student Portal with all the video/audio and Pointpoint teachings for one year. Prerequisite: Attendance in our Semester 1 Pathway to Sonship Class. See below for class materials required.


Student: $140 (single or married couple)
Alumni: $70 (for those who have previously taken the Semester 2 Class)
Scholarships: $75* (single or married couple)

*We do not want to leave anyone out of this training due of finances. Therefore, we are offering scholarships for those who are experiencing a current financial hardship and/or are on the mission field. Please choose scholarship option on registration module. Scholarships are only given for Level 1 and Level 2 classes on Tues/Thurs., not the Monday advanced ascensions.

Materials Required (in addition to class fee):
1. Pathway to Sonship Semester 2 Study Guide(Purchase @ Amazon)
2. Volume 2 Practicum Book: Engaging God in Our Realm and in His (2nd Edition) – see below for book description.
(Purchase @ Amazon)

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Volume 2 Practicum Book Description
In this Volume 2 book, we expand our teaching from Volume 1 and now teach you how to actively engage the heavenly realm in a safe, powerful and effectual manner. This will allow you to experience greater levels of intimacy with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. This book is divided into three parts. In Part I, you will learn how to effectively experience God not only in our realm but in His. Part II will instruct you on how to exercise and develop your spiritual senses, how to hear, speak, see and discern in the spirit.  Next, we look at the power of communion to transform our souls and bodies. In Part III, we look at a number of issues that can cause us to misinterpret our heavenly encounters, fall into deception or otherwise miss the mark. In the concluding chapter, we look at the failures in the lives of Moses and Elijah and how the Lord used those failures to bring them to perfection and transfiguration.  The book also includes prayers and exercises that will help you advance in your daily walk with God.

Table of Contents
Sample – Chapter 1

Lisa Mooradian and Scott Flanagan

This study guide is a companion workbook for those enrolled in the Pathway to Sonship Semester 2 Level 1 Training Program. It is a beneficial guide to help students assimilate the wisdom and knowledge contained in the thirty classes of the Semester 2 training which tracks with the Volume 2 Practicum: Engaging God in Our Realm. This guide contains important reflective questions enabling you to better understand the content of the books. Also included is a weekly synopsis of each activation and ascension which will assist you in furthering your progress along the pathway.

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Prerequisite: Attendance in our Semester 1 Pathway to Sonship Class.