The Pathway to Sonship Program is a graduated, systematic training designed to aid us in our spiritual journey to perfection and oneness with God. We have entered the last forty-year generation that will end with the triumphant return of Christ. We are in transition from the Church Age to the Kingdom Age and the Lord is extending new forms of grace. That will enable a remnant in large numbers to come into a deeper place of intimacy with Him than has been realized in the past. The Lord is raising up this last day’s remnant to attain transfiguration and defeat the enemy’s hold over mankind. That will fulfill the “restoration of all things” required before Christ’s Millennial Reign can begin (Acts 3:21).

The training includes three primary parts that work cohesively with one another. First, weekly PowerPoint teachings by Dr. Scott Flanagan that will review the primary text in the books. Scott adds greater depths of scriptural truth and where the Lord is taking the Church in the days ahead as well as the pitfalls to avoid. There will be an opportunity for questions and answers at the end of the sessions. In order to help you engage God in a more personal and intimate level, Lisa Mooradian will be teaching you how to engage God in the garden of your heart. She will give you practical exercises and activations on how to increase your capacity to see, hear and openly dialogue with God. In addition, John Graham will guide you in the heavenly realm in a safe and effective manner during weekly ascensions into the Kingdom of Heaven. All three are essential in progressing on the pathway to sonship.


What You Receive: This training is available for all to participate in at a modest cost. In addition to the weekly live Zoom sessions, you will receive access to our Student Portal where we house all of the PowerPoints for each class as well as audios and videos of all the recorded sessions of each class at no additional cost. When you register you can also download the syllabus for each semester that gives you the readings and topics covered in each class. If you are registered for the Advanced Ascension training, you will receive a syllabus and audios and videos of each live Zoom session at no additional cost. That way if you miss any classes, you can watch them at your convenience or review them again to get the material deeper. Books and study guides are NOT included in the class fees and must be purchased separately. Links are located below. All classes are via Zoom. When you register for the class or ascensions, you will be sent the Zoom ID and Passcode for the weekly training you register for.

Can I Join Anytime? This training is cumulative. Many advanced concepts are introduced week by week. Unless you are already very familiar with what many of the leading forerunners in this field are teaching, including Ian Clayton, Justin Abraham, Joseph Sturgeon, Neville Johnson, Paul Keith Davis, Nancy Coen, Christopher Carter, and others, you are likely to find it difficult to jump in at the beginning of the second semester, or in the middle of the first semester. Nevertheless, many people have done that successfully. If this is all new to you, it will be easier for you to begin at the beginning. However, you are free to join at any time as you will receive access to videos of each teaching to review at your own pace.


Self-paced Program to be released summer of 2024

This newly revised 10-week self-paced program reviews our first book, The Pathway to Sonship. After teaching this program for several years, we feel it is more beneficial to have people engage in the entire Semester 1 program especially for those who don’t see much in the spirit, so we have condensed the program to make it easier to follow. This program is unique because it contains three major components, book teachings, activations and ascensions. Dr. Scott Flanagan will cover all 12 chapters of the Pathway to Sonship book in a weekly review format including and question and answer session to help you process the book content. Lisa Mooradian will provide activation exercises to increase your relationship and intimacy with God. Also included are entry level ascensions with John Graham which will provide a bridge to help people engage in meaningful ascensions in the heavenly realm in a safe and practical manner. The class can be taken by yourself or in a small group and/or church setting. Enrolled students will have access to our Student Portal with all the video/audio and Pointpoint teachings for one year. Students must also purchase the Semester 1 Companion Study Guide and The Pathway to Sonship book for the class, both are available on Amazon (see below for details). This class is mandatory for those who would like to participate in our Advanced Level 2 & Level 3 ascension groups with John Graham.

SONSHIP CLASS FEES (single or married couple):
New Student: $120 (Reg. price $140)
Alumni: $60 (Only for those who have already taken the Sem. 1 Class)
Scholarships: $70 (We are offering scholarships for those who have never taken this training before and who are missionaries and/or ministry leaders. Please choose Scholarship option when registering.)

Payment: You can pay by Paypal or credit card. You do not have to have a Paypal account, just skip the Paypal menu and click on Pay with Credit Card or Debit Card. Once you are registered you will be sent an email with the class information and Zoom Code login.

Semester I Curriculum Books (required materials)
1. VOLUME 1 – THE TEXT: The Pathway to Sonship: From Salvation to Transfiguration (2nd edition)
Scott Flanagan and John Graham, Kingdom Academy Publications, 2022.
(Click here to purchase book from Amazon)

Book Description: Volume 1 gives us a framework of understanding for the Pathway to oneness with God. We have entered the transition between the Church Age and the Kingdom Age. These are the last two of four 2,000-year ages that God put in place to accomplish the redemption of mankind the moment Adam and Eve fell. In the past, each transition has brought great change in our relationship with God. This one will be no different. God is now inviting us to “Come Up Here” and engage Him in Heaven (Rev 4:1). The forerunners have been doing that in small numbers since the 1970s. But now things are accelerating at a rapid pace and more people are finding their way into the heavens. This book is based on a fresh revelation of the seven steps that take us from the salvation experience to oneness with God. The first three of these steps are modeled for us in the Tabernacle of Moses and the last four in the life and ministry of Jesus. Table of Contents
Sample – Preface

2. Semester 1 The Pathway to Sonship Study Guide – 2nd Edition

Lisa Mooradian & Scott Flanagan, Kingdom Academy Publications, 2024
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Description: This revised study guide is a companion workbook for those enrolled in the Pathway to Sonship Semester 1 Level 1 Training Program. It is an essential guide to help students assimilate the wisdom and knowledge contained in the Semester 1 training which tracks with the Volume 1 Text: The Pathway to Sonship. This guide contains a weekly chapter review, important reflective questions enabling you to better understand the text. Also included is a weekly synopsis of each activation and ascension which will further your progress along the pathway to oneness with God. There is also plenty of room to journal your journey and record your experiences.

Monday evenings from 7:00 – 9:00 pm (EST) – May 13 – July 29, 2024

This ascension class with John Graham is for those who have taken the Semester 1 pathway to sonship class and would like to continue learning how to ascend with the heavenly help that God has opened up to us. purposes. This class is focused on cleansing our soul and increasing our ability to connect to the Trinity with angelic assistance.

Student: $55 (single or married couple), $40 for alumni who have taken this class in 2021 or 2022.
*Separate registration required for this ascension class.


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The semester 3 class is being revamped. Stay tuned for more information.

Taking the Fear Out of the End Times: Unveiling the Book of Revelation and the Seven Thunders


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